Clare Baker, True Leadership

Genuinely, this has got me very excited about my options, as you have put them across very clearly, with a good few stories in between to illustrate the journey, especially for newer associate coaches.


The whole programme of modules is shaping up very nicely. Thank you again!

Moyra Scott, Then Somehow

The programme is well paced, and the sections within each of the audios, I find, are very easy to follow as you’ve verbalised information in a clear, stepwise approach.


The timings on each are very digestible too (not too short and not too long).

Tom Butler, Tom Butler Coaching

I’ve just listened to the Module 3 interview – what a gem for coaches just starting out! And what a challenge for us too….how do we stand out from the crowd?


It’s a big crowd and it’s getting bigger, so honing our individual stories, being open to combining coaching with other work and being brave not lazy, is sound advice.

Ginny Baillie, Leaders & Culture

It’s great to have your insight with tips and questions for the interview process. My first interview as an associate went rather well but I felt was extremely informal.


I want my next experience to be a little more professional – the audios and your personal insights gave me plenty of ideas to pursue.

Christine Livingstone, Livingstone Consulting

For me, this is a fundamental topic [money], so it’s great to see it addressed early on in the overall program.


The sooner rookie associates (like me) can get their heads around the role of money in the associate relationship, the stronger and clearer that relationship can be.

Andrew Kidd, Coach Kidd

This course is happening at the perfect time as I had two associate interviews for my consultancy work this week – one with someone who’s worked with associates since the 1990s and one who has never had formal associations before.


It’s been an enjoyable process with all the info and prep this course has given me.

Rachel Pryor, Me or Us

Excellent advice on nurturing and building coaching relationships and communities. Also, the Ladder exercise (which I’m in the middle of) is a great practical tool.


I talk on my website and to others about who I coach and why but I haven’t looked forward that much to where I want to be and that’s important.

Siobhain Whitty, Blue Willow Coaching

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